What is SomethingAboutSonoma.com?

SomethingAboutSonoma.com is your premier destination resource showing users everything about Sonoma County from wine, shopping, dining, lodging and more.

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SomethingAboutSonoma.com allows visitors to experience Sonoma County before they arrive through the power of customized interactive maps, 360 degree storefront panoramas, videos, reviews and more!

After users click on an area of interest on the SomethingAboutSonoma.com map, they can locate Sonoma hotspots including places to stay, restaurants, things to do, shops, wineries, businesses and much more, giving them an inside view of what makes Sonoma County a great place to explore and enjoy.

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Powered by A. Bright Idea

Powered by A. Bright Idea
An award-winning advertising and public relations agency with locations in Bel Air, Md. and Sonoma, Calif. A. Bright Idea's Sonoma office and the SomethingAboutSonoma.com headquarters is located in the historic Charles J. Poppe building at 13750 Arnold Drive in Glen Ellen. For more information on A. Bright Idea and its services, visit www.abrightideaonline.com or email info@abrightideaonline.com.