Barndiva knows a thing or two about ‘Farm to Table’

In an article by Carey Sweet in the San Francisco Chronicle, Barndiva, a delightful restaurant in Healdsburg, shows what the true meaning of farm to table is for them. Using local ingredients, you’ll go through an adventure from each farm to the plate you’ll eat in this experience. We’ve eaten at Barndiva plenty of times and you might see some of their plates floating around in our homepage slideshow, and we can attest to their delicious foods. Barndiva restaurant in Healdsburg is located just off the Healdsburg Plaza on Center Street and offers a cool setting, including unique art to enjoy before, during or after your meal. Many restaurants in Sonoma County utilize the abundance of local farm fresh ingredients the area offers, always making for delcious plates.

Read all of Carey’s article here.

Barndiva Restaurant in Healdsburg, California

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