State of the Vine Address

State of the Vine.

California farming, at least most in Sonoma County, is based around the Wine Industry. Each year, a wine farmers’ crop is watched closely and carefully. As many know, wine growing is a year-round process that takes a lot of work. Recently, we were able to see the film Harvest by John Beck, a documentary film about the 2011 Harvest season and the hardships farmers and growers faced. It was an eye-opening film to see the hard work wineries and workers put into this business. So far for the 2012 harvest, the buds have broken and the vines are growing. We haven’t seen the production of flowers yet which then produce the fruit. The growth of fruit will come in the summer before the fall harvesting of the grapes. It is astonishing to watch and see all the hard work and production and time that goes into crafting a single bottle (or glass) of wine we enjoy. So let’s remember to be thankful for this delicious drink!


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