Interviewing Film Makers

One cool thing about attending the Sonoma International Film Festival is hearing the directors, writers, producers, editors and actors talk about their films. They are all kind, outgoing, and willing and grateful to share their film with the audience. We were bombarded with emails from film makers the week of the festival, inviting us to attend their films. We attended as many as we could! A few films and interviews that stuck out in our minds include Dan Jenski of ADDicted and John Beck of Harvest.

Dan’s movie was the first of The Sixth Sense shorts series at The Vintage House on Friday the 13th. This short film revolved around Alex, also played by Jenski as he struggles with the disease and becomes addicted to Adderol. After the film, we found Dan outside the theatre waiting for his film to be over. We asked why he wasn’t in the theatre for his movie premier, and he told us he was too nervous– it was a stigma thing. Dan was gracious to share his film with us and the festival and is looking forward to turning his short into a full length film, currently under the works.

It’s nice to have a media pass to the festival because the Sebastiani Winery Barrel Room was absolutely packed for the debut of Harvest, by John Beck, covering the struggles of Sonoma wineries in the 2011 wine-grape harvest, revealing the blood, sweat and tears that go into every bottle of wine we enjoy. This film follows the middle-of-the-night picks, the terrible harvest weather, and will make viewers appreciate the wonderful wine’s they drink, giving an understanding of what goes into this art. Beck looks forward to further editing this film to be shown on PBS for the world to see and enjoy as we did.

Check out our interview with Dan of ADDicted and John of Harvest. More videos to come!

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