Sonoma Itineraries

Sonoma County is meant for exploring.

But where do you start? We’ve got the answer! presents Special Somethings, a customized Map and Itineraries brochure. Developed as a fun way to discover Sonoma County with different groups of people, discover Sonoma County through the printed brochure, or through our matching web pages here.

If you are here with your family, by yourself, with friends or a significant other… fill out a short and fun quiz and see what we recommend for YOU! You might be the anti-wino, the history buff, the white grape enthusiast, the family, the adventure seeker, the foodie, the plaza connoisseur or even the pampered, but we’ve developed a suggested itinerary for you. If you are looking for the best places to drink red wine, or white wine, or spa treatment or more– we have some tips. If you are planning a day trip in Sonoma, a weekend trip in Sonoma County or any other vacation, use our itineraries for top suggestions by your team!

This is a great way to find out how to explore Sonoma County and where to start. See all 10 of our customized groups by visiting our Itineraries Page. Have fun exploring!

Special Something's Map

Pick up your own copy of the printed Special Somethings brochure at Charles Creek Winery, Audelssa Winery, HopMonk Tavern, the red grape, Charles Schulz Museum or the office. Stay tuned for more locations!

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